Why is it important to have breakfast?

Having a real breakfast allows to break the fast of the night and start the day. When we have breakfast it helps us to avoid hunger, nibbling during the morning and to avoid devouring during lunch… and so we gain less weight! Indeed, if we do not eat anything in the morning, when it comes to breakfast, our body is lack of energy and then stores everything it receives, even if it is little.

What is a full breakfast and why?
“Ideal breakfast”, could be defined as follows:
– A drink to rehydrate your body
You can drink coffee, tea, or a simple glass of water … Of course, it is better to limit the sugar in these drinks.
– A dairy product for calcium
You can choose milk, yogurt, cottage cheese or cheese.
Not only dairy product gives you calcium, but also vitamins and especially proteins essential for growth, maintenance and renewal of cells.
Eating protein in the morning allows your body to better burn calories and especially to better preserve your muscles.

– Complex carbohydrates for vitality
You can choose bread, crackers, low sugar cereals … These carbohydrates are slowly absorbed and provide energy that your body absorbs and uses gradually throughout the morning.
Think to eat oatmeal! Oat based foods have been the subject of several investigations because of their content of beta-glucan, soluble fiber present in large quantities in this cereal. Soluble fibers have interesting properties:
they allow to quickly reach satiety
they slow the emptying of the stomach, thus preventing morning cravings
they inhibit the intestinal absorption of sugars and fats and thus play a role in preventing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Oats are also a source of protein, carbohydrates, B vitamins and minerals.
Conversely, avoid excess sugar, honey, jam, chocolate spread that give you instant energy and nothing more.

– A fruit or fruit juice, for vitamins
Prefer a fresh whole fruit rather than juice, for its fiber slows the absorption of fructose (fruit sugar).

To each his breakfast
Breakfast must be adapted to each of us, according to our own calorie needs but also according to our appetites, our tastes, our time for this meal, our practical possibilities.
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