Toning with a rubber band, it’s fantastic!

Yes, you want to tone your figure but between work and children you have little time and between rain and “The games of thrones” there is no time left at all. Let’s face it if you are little motivated … then working with an elastic band is so for you! Beautysané will tell you all about this little-known activity.

The principle?

Usually made of natural latex (rubber) and sometimes artificial polymers they act the same: the more the rubber band is stretched and the bigger is its resistance. Moreover, gravity does not affect this resistance therefore it can therefore be stretched in any direction. It is a fitness tool and / or a good stretching practice, adaptable to most of your needs.


They are numerous! As we have said, it can adapt to your needs. Whether you are a man or a woman, accustomed or not to gyms, whether you want to work out your glutes, your legs, your chest, your abs, your arms, your shoulders or your back, you’ll find it!
Light, easy to carry and inexpensive, the elastic band allows you to perform your exercises anywhere!


They are few! First, the elastic band will relax with time and therefore oppose a bit less resistance. Little advice, inform yourself a bit more about its quality before buying it, the life of an elastic band can vary from 6 months to 5 years …!
Also if you choose a model without handle, remember to wrap it around your hand or your foot to avoid slipping … 😉!

Ready for this new activity?