Slimming: four typical “man habits” to overcome

Putting salt on your food as a matter of principle – before you’ve even tasted it – because “it needs some taste”

Eating too much salt can increase the risk of heart disease and circulatory problems. But above all, overdoing it with the salt makes you feel hungrier.

> Tip: gradually cut down on the amount of salt you put on your food and replace it with spices. Give Sichuan pepper, paprika, turmeric or cinnamon a try. Not only will you stock up on antioxidants, you’ll also end up with great-tasting meals – better than you ever could have expected!

Knocking back several drinks while eating with friends

Your average glass of wine contains 100 kcal; a 33 ml can of beer will have 178 kcal; an 8 ml glass of whisky will have 380 kcal…

> Tip: try to stick to drinking water with your meals as often as you can. And above all, try to stick to water when you’re not eating – it’s the most thirst-quenching drink, doesn’t affect the taste of your food (unlike sugary drinks), and doesn’t contain any calories. When you do then have your daily aperitif, go for an oak-matured red wine so you can stock up on antioxidant polyphenols.

Sipping a fizzy drink and nibbling on biscuits while sitting in front of the computer

It’s become a habit – grazing on all kinds of energy-rich nibbles even though you’re not hungry, not even enjoying your snack, and in doing so, treating yourself to more and more 200-kcal breaks that disrupt the routine of hunger, fullness and satisfaction.

> Tip: make yourself a mug of green tea. If you’re working on the computer, you should be concentrating on your work. By all means, get yourself a bite to eat or share a nibble afterwards – but only afterwards!

Watching more and more sport on TV, now that you’ve got your awesome new flatscreen
Did you know that 30 minutes’ telly a day instead of 30 minutes’ walking means putting on two extra pounds every year? Think this might affect you? Take a look at the “exercise” section – you’ll find a load of easy ways to fit some exercise into your daily routine!

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