Skipping rope to stay fit!

A skipping rope is a comprehensive exercise. This is a great way to lose weight, while increasing muscle mass.

What are the advantages for the silhouette?

A regular training with a skipping rope involves all of the muscles groups. The result: legs, dorsal and abdominal muscles sculpt quickly. The silhouette becomes refined and the whole body becomes dynamic.
A well done skipping rope exercise develops vertical jump and also improves coordination, endurance and agility.
Jumping rope is a great exercise when you want to lose weight. It burns up calories in a short time!

How to exercise?

To start with, practice skipping rope in sections of 2-3 minutes during fifteen minutes in total. Between sets do a pause of 15-20 seconds to catch your breath. You can spice up the exercise by wearing weighted ankle and jumping on one foot ….
The secret is to practice regularly and to try to make a little progress every day. The effects are visible after 2 months of practice.

How to choose a skipping rope?

Choose a skipping rope with ergonomic handles that match the shape of your hands.
For the length, place the middle of the rope on the floor and then reassemble the handles upwards. These must arrive at the shoulders.
Finally, the choice of footwear is also important: use sports shoes only.
Skipping rope is convenient because it can be taken anywhere! Thus, you will not have excuses for not doing some exercise every day.