Nordic Walking: how does it work?

Nordic Walking is a complete sport, since it makes 90% of the body muscles work, in a gentle and controlled manner. Result, no aches! Anyone can practice it almost anywhere: roads, parks, stadiums, sidewalks …
What does it bring actually?: solicitation of muscles, tones the body and refines the silhouette. Indeed, at a normal pace, Nordic walking makes us spend 400 to 600 calories per hour, almost as much as swimming.
In addition to the slimming side, the pace of Nordic walking improves breathing by strengthening the diaphragm and the abdominals. Whoever starts it will be amazed by the incredible feeling of well-being that crosses the body at the end of a session!
Nordic walking is similar to a dynamic walking on four supports: arms resting on sticks are used as well as the legs. This is the subtlety of the basic posture: one starts from a natural walking movement by pushing on the sticks and ensures to keep moving arms outstretched while opposing the supporting leg and bearing arms. This coordination effort is not easy when you have sticks in hands. Initially, there is a tendency to move the leg and the arm on the same side. Fortunately, the body gradually appropriates the gesture and the mechanics becomes more fluid. Straight, with a proud look, we become confident and stride becomes quicker.
This is a fun sport to be tested weekly in order to increase your physical activity. Indeed, after the Wellbeing and Well-eating, Well-moving is the third pillar of the NO YOYO method!