Eat in full consciousness for better slimming

What if, to lose weight, you drop away the strict diets and learn to eat in full consciousness?


The art of listening to your body


“You should not eat that”, “You must eat at fixed times”, “You will not be able to lose weight” … We are used to hear these injunctions and yet only your body knows what is good for him. So, trust him!

The idea is simple: to eat in full consciousness is above all to know how to listen to your body and to bring to him what he needs, listening to his signals, and taking the time to fully appreciate the moment of the meal. This may seem trivial and yet, eating in full consciousness will ultimately make you feel better and regain your form since you provide the body exactly what it needs, no more and no less.

So out of question to deprive yourself! This is not about forbidding food or calculating calories. “Pleasure” is the key word and you must first of all know how to enjoy each meal and every bite.

Of course, eating in full consciousness is not learned from one day to another but you will see that with a few tricks, the exercise becomes natural soon!


How to eat in full consciousness?


  • • Be aware of the feeling of hunger: it tends to disappear when you eat by habit, boredom or emotion. You are not hungry? So, delay the time of your meal, until hunger really makes itself felt. You will gradually learn to recognise this primordial sensation.
  • • Cook: indulge yourself by preparing your meals yourself. Buy quality ingredients, preferably fresh, to retain the benefits of the products as much as possible. You will have more pleasure to taste a dish if you have prepared it yourself and you will know what is on your plate!
  • Do not feel guilty: the idea is to eat everything, but in reasonable quantity. Does your body claim sugar or fat? Give him! But in a smart way: for a desire of sugar, prefer for example a fresh and seasonal fruit. And if you’re tempted by a pastry, ASSUME! The key is to enjoy eating and a small gap will not hurt you.
  • • Focus on your environment: enjoy the decoration of the table or the restaurant, talk about the meal, concentrate on the dish: appreciate its perfumes, its textures, its colours … Awake your senses to appreciate to the maximum the moment of the meal.
  • • Stop: you do not have to finish your plate if you no longer want to eat. You find no longer pleasure in it, the food has no more flavour? Do not force yourself. Your body tells you that it received “what it needed”.
  • Forget distractions during the meal: no TV, computer, smartphone or reading that can divert your attention from the meal and prevent you from feeling the feeling of satiety.
  • Take time to appreciate the moment: eating slowly and taking breaks helps to lengthen the meal time and to better understand the feeling of satiety, which appears at least 20 minutes after the start of the meal.
  • Eat in peace: the ideal is to eat in a low noise environment, not stressful, and preferably alone so you won’t be distracted … But if this idea does not please you, avoid discussions about something you are passionate about and prefer as much as possible the conversations around the meal (discuss the dish, the restaurant …).


Now you are ready to eat in full consciousness! Have a good meal!