Eat balanced … without ruin oneself

Food, the third largest expense item of household after housing and transport, is an unavoidable budget, and is increasingly burdensome in the portfolio of French people who are trying to reduce the bill. Yes, but in the middle of the vast supermarket shelves, we do not always make the most sensible choices in terms of nutrition and if the belt is tight at the budget level, the trend is gradually reversed in our turn of cut …

So here are some tips to eat balanced and give a smile to your wallet!


Anticipate not to stress!

Always do your shopping with a full belly. You will be less tempted by compulsive purchases, often synonymous with foods too fatty and / or too sweet. Also avoid (if possible), go with darling and / or junior, one as greedy as the other. Their presence will tend to make you crack on products often expensive, caloric and useless …

Prepare your shopping list in advance … and stick to it! Write down the quantities needed to avoid waste. Avoid biscuits or other sodas that you place in your « tempting cupboard ».

Do not rush on everything that includes the word “Promo” and that will make you buy lots … not necessarily advantageous! Compare prices per kilo to find the most economical product. Watch out for the brand’s products from the store or those located at the bottom of the shelf because they are often of good quality, while being cheaper.


Prefer seasonal products, much better nutritional quality, much more affordable! Similarly, prefer raw products to processed products, less expensive and you will avoid consuming a whole range of additives.

Also check the cut-off dates. The brands now offer low prices on products arriving on expiry dates … BUT, place them visibly in your fridge to eat them first!


Change your habits

No need to sigh! In practice, it’s not that complicated. Start by imitating this culinary TV program that you love so much and go back to cooking home! It’s much better than buying cooked food and it’s much cheaper.

Another tip is to cook in large quantities. Yeah, but what about the leftovers? They can be frozen for better re-use the following week. Or, if you are devoted and take them to the office the next day, it’s convenient, healthy and economical.

Alternatively, use your creativity to turn them into a brand new dish! In addition, cooking makes it possible to escape and can quickly turn into a family activity friendly and federating, it is all benefit!


Limit quantities of meat or fish to meals. We tend to consume too much: a serving of 100-120 g is enough to fill our needs. A balanced meal consists of 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 starchy and 1/3 meat / fish, followed by fruit and dairy.

Some foods also have an equivalent nutritional value but a totally different price. Meat can be replaced by eggs or a combination of cereals / pulses such as a Mexican salad (corn and red beans) or couscous (semolina and chickpeas). The ideal is to vary among different categories of food.

Finally, a last way to rebalance the daily diet, while keeping a close eye on the budget, is to make use of meal replacements like those in the Energy Diet by Beautysané range. Tasty, practical, cookable and quick to use, they can be carried away everywhere and contain all the nutrients necessary for our daily balance. Moreover, the cost of a meal is very affordable (less than 3 €!) And allows to make real savings on your budget food. Who says better ?