Antistress, our tips to stay zen

It is well known, stress, everyone is suffering at a more or less important level. And the more we worry, the less it is good for our health!

To remedy this, we offer some tips that you can easily apply during the day, in order to feel less stressed and to the best of your shape!


Upon awakening, a few simple gestures:

✓  The awakenings startle because of the strident ringing of the phone-radio alarm clock, one forgets! We put on a gentle awakening with music that we appreciate and that is easily programmable on our smartphone.

✓  We advise you to favor an orange juice rather than a coffee, which will awaken as much spirit as the caffeine, with the vitamins in addition!


At the food level:

✓  Brazil nuts are your allies! Rich in selenium, which calms the nervous system, they contain the most of all the oilseeds!

✓  Prefer a fruit or a cereal bar if there is a decrease in tone during the day. These snacks are energizing and will allow you to reboost.

✓  Plan B and all the vitamins in this group that are present in the diet (especially cereals) are thought to maintain the balance of the nervous system.

✓  Avoid eating too sweet. Food stuffed with sugar causes the rise and then the sudden drop in blood sugar, causing a feeling of fatigue.

✓  Chewing is a primary part of nutrition. It helps to regulate hunger first but it also forces you to take the time to savor your meal.


At the level of your day:

✓  Disconnect! During your break, turn off your smartphone, even for 10 minutes. This device is stressful since you can be contacted at any time and feel compelled to respond every time.

✓  Remember that a day only lasts 24 hours. The secret lies in planning your day: add an extra 10 minutes to each task so you do not have to worry about the time you have set.

✓  Think about practicing a sport. Any, as long as it allows you to escape. Once or twice a week, sport is a great way to fight stress and refocus on yourself.

The important thing, to stress as little as possible, is to relativize and close the door to the external elements, precursors of this bad stress that prevents us to feel good. Think of yourself, it will do you good!