Anti-aging exercise

These forms of exercise have numerous health benefits and help to improve your quality of life, giving you better respiration, a stronger heart and elastic blood vessels. Which one suits you best? The choice is yours!

Swimming: the horizontal position of the body and the buoyancy of the water lessen the physical effort required and protect your joints from injury. Along with cycling, it is the activity that causes the least discomfort to the body, especially for people who are slightly overweight or suffering from joint problems. Furthermore, it painlessly builds up your leg muscles and gives you a slimmer figure. As it is a gentle form of exercise, it’s perfect for those wanting to take up sport again after a break.

Walking: walking allows you to exercise all your muscles in all kinds of ways. Doing this requires different walking intensities, speeds, times and distances. The WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends 30 minutes of brisk walking a day. What’s more, it’s very easy to fit it into your schedule!

Cycling: cycling helps you build up all your muscles equally and improves your overall cardiac and respiratory performance. Cycling has a beneficial effect on venous return while reducing fluid retention and cellulite. It gives your stomach muscles a sustained workout and facilitates fat combustion.

Running: the energy levels required for running are higher than for walking. Your muscles and cardiovascular system are given a harder workout. Be careful, however, to build up your running gradually.

Fitness training: fitness training involves a wide range of exercises that strengthen your muscles. It is an ideal way to build up muscle equally in all areas of the body. Fitness training can also be done in water, limiting the risk of injuries to joints. As it also gives the heart and respiratory system a workout, it substantially increases your stamina. The exercises are varied and it’s good fun!

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