Alcohol and celebrations, how to keep the line?

Festive meals are often accompanied by good wines or alcohol of all kinds! But, this type of consumption isn’t without consequences for your shape! All your efforts to lose weight or to keep the line can be reduced to nothing if your consumption of alcohol increases a lot during the holidays! For what reasons? How to cure it? Beautysané tells you everything.


Why does alcohol make you fat?

First, because it is very caloric! Indeed, if 1 g of carbohydrate or protein equals 4 kcal, 1 g of alcohol provides 7 kcal!

Thus, the calculation is done quickly:

1 cup of champagne = 80-120 kcal

1 “half” of beer = 130 kcal

1 aperitif based on vermouth = 130 kcal

1 glass of kir: 120 kcal

1 glass of punch = 120-160 kcal

1 glass of wine = 110 kcal

1 glass of Whiskey = 190 kcal


Imagine: 2 glasses of kir as an aperitif and you are already at 240 kcal, not to mention the appetizers!

And that’s not everything! Alcohol cannot be stored in the body. It must be eliminated quickly. Thus, the body takes priority to burn the calories brought by the alcohol and cannot burn calories from fat. These are therefore stored instead of being used, essentially at the abdominal level …

Beware also of alcoholic drinks based on sugar (port, muscat, punch, liqueur …) which seriously increase the caloric invoice and which mask the effect of alcohol … Thus, we drink more, without really realizing!

Last thing: alcohol stimulates the appetite, the more we drink and the more we eat!


What to consume as an aperitif?

The aperitif is the most critical moment because to the calories of the alcohol are added those of the appetizers!

As an indication, here are some foods served as an appetizer, as well as their caloric equivalent:


1 handful of cashew nuts (30g) = 150 kcal

1 handful of peanuts (30g) = 180kcal

1 small pack of chips (30g) = 170 kcal

2 tarama-toasts = 110 kcal

6 sausage slices = 150 kcal

1 handful of pretzels = 110 kcal


Your best allies for a light aperitif will be instead:

The cherry tomatoes as well as all the vegetables served raw (to be dipped in a sauce based on white cheese and herbs)

Mini-skewers with shrimps, pineapples, mango or diced white ham, tomatoes, mozzarella …

Melon balls, fresh cheese cubes rolled in different spices …

Concerning the drink, why not alternate with vegetable juices, tomato juice, sparkling waters accompanied by a lemon slice?


You can find other ideas for light and delicious aperitifs on! Go quickly and have a look!