A story of buttocks!

Too flat, too big, too soft, too falling … our buttocks, we make a whole story out of it!

So here are our tips to make you a glute … à la Beyoncé!


Shake your popotin

And no, unfortunately, it is not by lying on the sofa that your little back is going to muscle alone, we must move!

To begin, use the stairs and for greater efficiency, mount them on tiptoe while squeezing the buttocks or better, using a step on two!

Then walk, because it is excellent for the gluteal muscles or even better: walk backwards, it is ideal … on the other hand, avoid perhaps to do it in the street

Are you sedentary? Contract your butt! In the office, in the car or when you’re shopping, every opportunity is good. Alternate long contractions and sheathing by small, rapid contractions.

For the sportier, try jogging, step or aqua gym. It’s up to you to see which activity gives you the most desire!


Pamper your buttocks

Do not set on the scrub because beautiful buttocks pass through beautiful skin. At least once a week, in the shower, make circular gestures to make you a baby skin. The exfoliating cream of Luana Belmondo is ideal and very effective, talk to your Beautysané adviser.

Finish your shower with a splash of cold water. On the other hand, avoid hot baths. They may be relaxing but will soften your skin.

Finally, after your scrub, once your skin dried, apply a moisturizer.


Cheat, to avoid getting tired

Let your inner Bridget Jones out … yes, you too, gentlemen. Go for shaping underwear! For men and women, in a variety of colours, from shorty push-ups to body suits, from boxers to underpants, there’s something for everyone!

You can also crack for jeans with pockets at the back that will give a bouncy popotin effect, or put on a push-up jeans for a Jennifer Lopez effect!

But be careful, once your shorty or your jeans removed, the effect fades automatically …

Finally, ladies, wear heels! They will not only squint your figure, but additionally muscle your buttocks gently.


Make your plate your best ally

And yes, no need to starve yourself, just eat balanced. One starts by facilitating the drainage of the body by drinking water throughout the day. You can vary the pleasures by flavouring your water with lemon juice or sipping green tea. To give a boost to this draining effect, try the Energy Pure drink by Beautysane, guaranteed effect!

Also reduce your salt intake which promotes water retention and therefore cellulite.

Oddly, fatty foods or too sweet will not help you have a nice buttock. Protein must therefore be favoured to conserve muscle mass and to chew fruit and vegetables, especially those that are waterlogged like cucumber, spinach, endive or melon.

Avoid foods with high glycaemic indexes such as confectionery and refined cereals, which will push your body to store excess fat directly on your buttocks …

Finally, if you need a little push, try the Energy Diet by Beautysané meal substitutes that have all the nutrients you need. In addition, to prepare them, you need shaker, a good excuse to stir your buttocks.


And you, what are your tricks?