9 special rules for a flat stomach

Tired of having a belly like a balloon after every meal? You do not dare to go out to the restaurant and you do not know how to dress? Beautysané gives you some tricks to get rid of this discomfort!


This sensation of swelling after the meal, rather feminine, can have several origins:


  • You have eaten too much: your stomach is too distended.
  • You ate too fast: a discomfort occurred because you did not take the time to chew well.
  • You have eaten foods that disrupt your digestion: too much dietary fibre at once, too many spices or too many irritants …


To help you find a flat stomach, here are 9 essential rules for a flat stomach:


  • Listen to your food sensations and never eat until saturation.
  • Take time to chew your food well. Your belly does not want to do the job of your teeth. When you force him to do so, he rebels …?
  • Consume raw vegetables in moderation: the fibres which they contain irritate the intestinal walls and swell immediately after the meal. Prefer cooked foods.
  • Limit cooked fats as much as possible and do not sauce: added and cooked fats are less easy to digest.
  • Pay attention to alcoholic beverages and digestive irritants: spices, coffee …
  • Avoid salt: do not reseat food as this promotes water retention and high blood pressure.
  • Get to know yourself and respect yourself: you love eating a tomato salad with minced onion. It is divinely good … But you have pain all afternoon! Know which foods your belly does not like at all and do not insist. If the 5 minutes of pleasure in eating are followed by intestinal cramps for 1 hour, it is no longer fun!
  • Check that you are not lactose intolerant, which can generate intestinal bloating. If this is the case, prefer products based on vegetable milk (soya, almonds, …), but enriched in calcium.
  • Make a probiotic cure, thanks to the dietary supplement “Natural defences” by Beautysané! Probiotics help us to restore our intestinal flora when it is damaged. Thus repaired, it reduces bloating and find a flat stomach.