10 proofs that you are super parents!

Forget Iron Man, Spiderman or Hulk, YOU are the heroes! Beautysané reminds you in 10 points what makes you extraordinary parents!


1) Your home does not look like one of a magazin.

Gorgeous drawings decorate your fridge or fireplace, video games decorate the living room and fingerprints embellish the windows. As children are sharing, they often bring their friends to complete the atmosphere!


2) You are multi-skilled!

Cooking or housekeeping while playing a game with your child? Too easy! Come on, who wants to play hide-and-seek or the king of silence?


3) Your children are full of life!

All day long, they laugh, they run everywhere, they quarrel … They are happy and it’s good. Even if we sometimes have to admit it, we find it a bit exhausting.


4) You are the king or queen of the furnaces!

You do not shrink from anything to please your tribe. And if with your little clerks you take 2 hours to make simple cookies and your kitchen ends up resembling a battlefield, it does not matter because the result is necessarily delicious!


5) You always think about your offspring!

At the same time, they are everywhere: from the photo on your wallpaper, to all those in your mobile phone, to their little words that you keep on your desk, not to mention your passwords … You love them so much that You can not refrain from pronouncing their sweet names: “Kathy, stop bothering your sister” or “No Jeff, we have not arrived yet! “.


6) You are inventive!   

They must be occupied! The sand castles, drawing contest, video games or board games no longer have any secrets for you! And if you sometimes use your parental authority to keep the joystick or cheat a bit, it’s for their good! They must learn that the important thing is to participate, right?


7) During the year you have an appointment with his teacher or his institute!

Maybe it was the mistress who summoned you or it was on the occasion of the parent-teacher meeting, but as your child is your priority, you have gone!


8) You have become a great pedagoge!

You take the time to explain and answer all their questions even the most wacky and it is great because your children are very curious! And if some of your explanations are inspired by the last movie you saw at the cinema, at least this fuels their general culture.


9) You encourage your child.

Whatever the activity, he knows he can always count on your support. You also know how to congratulate him. In all objectivity, he deserves it as it is the best! :))))


10) They do you good!

Well maybe not every day, but who is going to have a wonderful gift at the next Mothers or Father’s Day?


So, blame yourself and never let anyone make you doubt: be yourself and you will be perfect!