10 good reasons to do nothing!

The weather is great, the birds are singing and while some enjoy relaxing in the sun, you think about the thousands of things you have to do! Stop right away and take a break! An umbrella in the cocktail (without alcohol of course), it is useless to feel guilty. Beautysané explains why daydreaming is good for your health! 😉


  • Make the point

This makes it possible to relativise and to be able to set new priorities … which will save us time in the end.


  • Relax!

Take a break, sit in the sun or on the couch, take a bath, give yourself time to breathe in order to let go negative thoughts and get rid of the stress accumulated during the day or even the week.



  • Take time for yourself!

Between work, home, daily life, … we sometimes tend to forget ourselves. So, you can listen to a bit of music, read, watch a movie, take a nap, go shopping or have a drink in the sun.



  • Take care of your body!

We spend far too much time sitting, especially behind a screen. It is therefore important to take breaks, to get up, to take a few steps, in order to relax the muscles, the back, but also the sight!



  • Take time for others!

The little one asks you for a story, the older one wishes that you take him to the football, your partner would like to have an evening just for two, a friend proposed to you to see a movie, your sister / brother is waiting for a call, a former colleague would like to have a drink with you, … and you reject for lack of time! Stop, take the time!



  • Re-focus!

It is impossible to stay focused for a whole morning. Like children, treat yourself to a little ‘recreation’, even if it is only for a few minutes. You will be more productive!



  • See things differently!

We have had a problem and have not found a solution, this happens to all of us. Sometimes, just take a little break and / or do something totally different to find a way to solve your dilemma. After all, is it not said that the night carries counsel?



  • Be more creative!

Creativity requires time and reflection. Isn’t the most fertile ground for the imagination the boredom? Leaving one’s mind wandering leads to new ideas. Even if you feel like you are doing nothing, your unconscious mind continues to think for you. So, let it work quietly! 😉



  • Have fun!

Admit it, not only do you deserve to take a break, but in addition, taking time to do something that pleases us makes it immediately more enjoyable!



  • (bonus) Change your life!

Confucius said: ‘Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a single day of your life’! Because yes, there are solutions to have time for the family, to improve our standard of living, to make rewarding encounters … Interested? What if you become a Beautysané advisor?


So, ready to take the time to live? I do!