The Beautysané Detox Program after the holidays!

The end of year celebrations are always a period synonymous with happiness, gifts and good times shared with the family. But it is also a tough test for our organism.


The Beautysané detox program was developed to recover from the inevitable excesses and to stay trim.


Adopt the right reflexes faced to the food excess!


At the time of the holidays, desserts, alcohols, cakes and aperitifs are so many small pleasures that change our eating habits. We consume more, to the detriment of the well-being of our organism.

And after committing excess diets, the body is full of toxins that prevent it from being at its best form. The problems of digestion and constipation are signs of a need to detoxify your body.


After the holidays, we choose the Beautysané detox program


The Beautysané Detox program helps the body to eliminate the accumulated toxins, through a healthy diet rich in draining, balanced and low in calories. In order to initiate detoxification, the quantities of food ingested must be reduced to below the usual requirements. When the body no longer has to digest sugars and fats, it can concentrate its action on the elimination of accumulated toxins.


THE BEAUTYSANÉ DETOX PROGRAM: a personalized and customized accompaniment


The Beautysané method combines Detox and personalized follow-up. Throughout the treatment, the Beautysané counselor plays a big role of accompaniment and adapts the Detox program according to the identified needs.





Meal Substitutes Energy Diet

You can choose from nearly 16 different flavors, salty or sweet, the Energy Diet meal replacement represents a balanced meal at less than 2,60 €, delicious and easy to prepare. It provides 1/4 of the vitamins and minerals needed, proteins of high biological value, quality lipids and carbohydrates that provide the essential energy to the proper functioning of the body.


A draining drink

To drain, you must drink! Energy Pure is an herbal preparation that contains green tea, dandelion and kinkeliba. These plants are known to stimulate the micro blood and lymphatic circulation, combat water retention and eliminate toxins. It is essential to hydrate well by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day, plus Energy Pure.



  • Practice physical activity as often as possible, preferably in the open air to oxygenate the cells, thus this allows to evacuate the toxins via perspiration.
  • Relax before each meal and eat in peace, sitting at a table.
  • Respect sleeping times.
  • Learn how to manage stress by breathing, blowing …


Want to begin the year right and start a Detox program? Go to the Beautysané website.