Store, it’s trendy!

Organising, sorting, classifying is fashionable. To convince you, just look at the best sales in the wellness departments or personal development of bookstores. The idea is to bet on useful objects and less loaded interiors, to empty your head! Beautysané makes the sorting and tells you everything about this little phenomenon of society.


Make a void to live better!

In 2015, a young Japanese named Marie Kondo released a book on the art of tidying up. Against all odds, it is translated into 35 languages ​​and runs to more than 7 million copies worldwide. She even appears in the list of the 100 most influential personalities of the year 2016 published by the illustrious Time Magazine.

She explains that possessing too many things can become a source of stress: visual pollution that gives us the impression of being surrounded by objects, but also nervousness not to find the object we need because it is hidden behind everything a stack of unnecessary objects.


Let’s take an example that will talk to many women. How many have already said (in front of a cupboard full to bursting) that they had nothing to put on? Yes, we keep clothes that are too small or too large, clothes that we do not like just in case …

To make life easier, Marie Kondo’s method invites us to keep only the objects that bring us joy. Our house becomes a space to live and we save time and money. Thus, the household takes less time when everything is tidy or when there are fewer trinkets. Similarly, a house in order allows us to find things at first glance without having to look for hours!


How to do it in practice?


 1) Take your time!

No, you’re not going to organise away your whole house in 10 minutes! Small advice, sort by category (books, clothes, dishes, papers, …), leaving to store little by little. For example, on Saturday morning, you will start with books and you will wait until next weekend to attack the clothes.


2) Sort out clever!

For each object (or garment), ask yourself if it gives you joy, if you use it regularly or if it has a sentimental value. Get rid of the superfluous and what you keep “just in case” and preserve only the essentials. If necessary, sort into 3 categories: to keep, give or sell and discard.


3) Stop storing!

If you know you do not want to keep an item, do not store it in your garage or attic! Consider reselling it, giving it to family / friend / colleague, or to associations.


4) Anticipate!

Before you buy, ask yourself if you really need it or if it’s really helpful. Let’s take the example of this designer shelf, yes, it is too pretty, but let us admit that its capacity of storage is limited and that finally, it is not very practical! Is it really helpful?


5) Visualise!

Draw your ideal interior or select photos that inspire and motivate you.


A little more than half of the English people say they lack space to store their belongings. If you are part of the lot, you know what you have to do! Ready ? Sort it!