Stay slim this Christmas

Following your slimming program every day, as part of your daily organization, is often “easy”. The rhythm is taken, the weekly shopping list is noted in your diary, you know how to wisely integrate your meal replacements into your daily diet, the recipes have been tested and approved, in fact, your slimming program has any secrets for you!


But here it is: the holiday season arrives and things get complicated …

How can we reconcile the end-of-year celebrations with their batch of generous aperitifs, exceptional meals, a thousand and one sweets without all your efforts to keep the line being destroyed?


First, we must keep in mind that a good slimming program must be able to adapt to all the moments of life: birthdays, Christmas season and holidays included. Who has not put his plans for “tomorrow” because next week “it’s my grandmother’s birthday” or “my best friend’s housewarming” and ” These are not the best conditions for a diet “?


But life is made of parties and exceptional events, which should not be an obstacle to your diet!

Do not forget that your weight loss will never be linear, that certain periods will be more conducive to your diet than others and you need to know how to take your part.


The biggest problem is: the theory of “all or nothing”, either you follow rigorously your program, or you give up on this subject, so you completely drop good habits “. However, this type of reasoning is doomed to failure and it is in this way that you give up your diet at each holiday period and that you undertake a new one at the beginning of each year, with the yo-yo-effect, of course.


So, what are the solutions, the tricks to pursue a slimming program during the holidays?

We cannot repeat it enough: slimming is acquiring good eating habits, it is relearning to eat well, to move well, daily!

Holiday seasons are therefore a great way to “test” your new and healthy eating habits, as well as your physical activity program!


For this, some main rules:

– Listen to your sensations: hunger first, the pleasure of tasting then. Be attentive to the signals of satiety.


– To avoid throwing yourself on the nibbles of the aperitif, take an Energy Diet meal replacement 1 hour before the party meal.


Try not to cumulate the excesses: a fatty entry but a light dish with vegetables, or a dish with sauce but a fruit dessert, no bread if you take starches, only one glass of alcohol …


Choose low-calorie foods: seafood and especially oysters, fish, poultry (remove skin), vegetables in all their forms, fruit-based desserts (foam, salads, carpaccio …)


Serve yourself small portions and eat slowly. Your brain will transmit a satiety signal within 20 minutes. Pause before serving again.


Eat in peace, enjoy to take your time!


Make an Energy Pure treatment, our draining drink, from mid-December to mid-January. It will allow you to eliminate the accumulated toxins and increase the work of the liver, thus allowing to better metabolize the fats.


Move! Walk as soon as you have the opportunity and continue your weekly sport.


– If you accumulate several excesses on a day, do not blame! Make an effort on the next day and everything will get in order.


So, do not be afraid of the Christmas season! With these tricks, you will be able to enjoy your time, without this being seen on the scale!

If these tricks were not enough, talk to your advisor, he will propose a program “Special Detox” by Beautysané, designed specifically to correct small deviations!