My smartphone, my best enemy!

Oh, yes! Do not make us believe that no one (and I mean none of us) is addicted to this wonderful little thing that we all have at the bottom of our bag, in our pocket or even glued in a natural way into our hand (this is a revolution!)

It allows us staying in touch with loved ones (or less close for that matter), it also allows you to listen to music, play addictive games or stay connected with your emails …
This addiction has a nevertheless bad influence on our health: a state of craving (are you not anxious when you forget it somewhere?), sleep disorders or even new syndromes: texting tendonitis, neck pain and “ghosts’” vibrations (yes, me too! sometimes I feel in hope that my mobile vibrates and reports a received SMS).
And because we all know that it is difficult to disconnect, it is also known that leaving a mobile away from the office would be impossible, but it means that our productivity level is reduced (if not equal to 0). Even wireless, you cannot win ….

If you leave it for a few hours (I promise it will not mind it) and talk with real people around you and at night you turn your beloved cell phone off, you will avoid any unpleasant waves (yes yes, we are still talking about your smartphone!). So, when will you pick up?