Laugh, it’s good for your health!

On average, a child laughs 350 times a day, while an adult laughs only 20 times a day! Yet laughter does good and that’s no joke! The therapists understood this and invented the laughter therapy: therapy by laughing. Beautysané puts on his most beautiful red nose to make you discover this hilarious therapy!


The principle

Ever since antiquity, doctors recommended their patients to laugh about ten minutes a day to speed up the cure. Then in 1964, Norman Cousins, an American journalist suffering from a serious degenerative disease, was the first to experiment on himself with laughter therapy to reduce his pain. Today, more and more clowns are visiting patients in hospitals.


The benefits of laughter

Laughter triggers the secretion of endorphins, hormones that play on our feeling of well-being. Thus, it is estimated that a minute of laughter corresponds to about forty minutes of relaxation! Ideal to fight against stress, depression and to fall asleep more easily in the evening. Beyond its benefits on our moral, laughter also causes small abdominal gymnastics that promotes a good regulation of intestinal transit. As for the contraction of the intestines and the stomach, it facilitates digestion.

Moreover, laughter facilitates the contacts … and the reconciliations! Generally, a laughing person is considered more attractive than a person who sulks.

Finally, laughter solicits many muscles, especially those of the abdomen. To you then the sessions of abdos … to laugh!


The running of a session

A session takes place in groups to combine different exercises. On the program: yoga, stretching, relaxing and … laughing!

The goal is very simple: let off! For 30 to 60 minutes, with the help of a facilitator, the patients perform movements or breaths causing them to burst out laughing. Games are staged (often imitation games) in order to forget the eyes of the others participants and to laugh with them without fear of the ridiculous. Everything happens in a good mood!


Attempted? So, try, you’ll cry … of laughter!