It’s hot out there: 10 tips to move safely!

It’s nice and warm! All occasions are right to take out the bike, the skipping rope … and the sneakers to do sports outside. But be careful, it is important to know some basic rules to avoid a heat stroke. Beautysane tells you everything.


1) Hydrating!

This is the basic rule! Practicing sports in the heat will make us lose water but also salt! In high temperatures, we can lose up to 2.5 litters of sweat per hour! It is therefore necessary to drink very regularly even if you aren’t thirsty (several sips every 15 to 20 minutes).

Tip: bet on a beverage of effort like Beautysane Effort for example, for optimal hydration! 


2) Choose the right time!

No, running in the heat does not let us slim faster! Indeed, we will sweat more but we will lose only water. If you want to burn fat first, do sports when it’s cold! In warm weather, early in the morning or late in the afternoon are preferred, preferably in the shade. On the other hand, we forget the jogging sessions in full sun at the beginning of the afternoon!


3) Sprinkle yourself with water!

A little trick to lower your body temperature: put some water on the face and on the neck.


4) Dress accordingly!

We start by betting on light colours that will not attract heat.

Also wear light clothing or even better, ‘smart’ textiles that will help your body to better deal with the sweat!


5) Protect yourself!

Don’t leave without sun protections: cap, sun cream (waterproof of preference) and sunglasses!


6) Prepare for the effort!

Forget the session performed with an empty belly. Bet on fruits that are rich in water and minerals which can quickly be absorbed by the body. Take a good handful of oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, …) that can reboot you if necessary with you.


7) Know your limits!

You must listen to your body and avoid pushing it too far!


8) Adapt your effort!

In high heat, you must agree to slow down the pace, reduce the intensity of your sporting practice and take breaks more often. The opportunity to enjoy the scenery.


9) Go out accompanied!

This advice is valid in all weather conditions, but even more for the hot times: when you do sports alone, always remind yourself to take your phone (with full battery …) with you, to ask for help in case of a heat stroke! The ideal is to find someone to accompany you!


10) Daring to get wet!

And if you took advantage of the beautiful temperatures to get into water sports: swimming, canoeing, pedal boating, windsurfing, rowing, jet skiing, paddle or rafting. A lake or a pond, the refreshing possibilities are numerous!

It’s your turn! For us, it is clear, everybody in the water!