Encouraging oneself…

You have decided to lose weight and you are determined. However, you know that achieving your goals will not happen overnight …

During a slimming program you must also take care of yourself, spoil yourself. Recognizing your success along the way will allow you to be positive, to stay motivated and encouraged!

This also helps to “mark the spot” and to anchor the important stages of your weight loss.

So how do we do this? Here are some tips

With every kilo you lose, you may:
– buy yourself a magazine, a new book
– give yourself flowers

For each level of 3 kilos lost, you can:
– Go to the cinema
– Complete your makeup kit, buy some new tools

For each level of 5 kilos lost, you can:
– present yourself new clothes, which emphasizes your new figure
– Make a photo shooting with your family

These are only the examples, of course! You have to find what makes you really happy, relaxes you.
Remember: when you feel well in your head, you feel well in your body … This is the basis of the No Yoyo method!