Mangez du chocolat ! Riche en magnésium et antioxydants, il est reconnu pour booster notre moral, mais également pour ses propriétés aphrodisiaques ! Le chocolat, consommé avec modération, est un allié de choix, surtout à l'approche de la Saint Valentin !

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The Jungle of Diets

Difficult to find yourself in all the diets at the moment! Especially since some are totally wacky, even dangerous if they are followed in longer term! So how do we get there? In this article, we will give a brief

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Store, it’s trendy!

Organising, sorting, classifying is fashionable. To convince you, just look at the best sales in the wellness departments or personal development of bookstores. The idea is to bet on useful objects and less loaded interiors, to empty your head! Beautysané

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Eat balanced … without ruin oneself

Food, the third largest expense item of household after housing and transport, is an unavoidable budget, and is increasingly burdensome in the portfolio of French people who are trying to reduce the bill. Yes, but in the middle of the

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