Bye Bye poles and hello featherweight legs!

Heavy legs, ankles that swell … so many unpleasant sensations that increase with the overweight but also with the heat. Here are some tips to stop the worries and to refine lightweight legs.


Where the heavy legs come from?

The phenomenon of heavy legs is the result of poor blood circulation. The latter, instead to go up from the feet back to the heart, stagnates in the legs!

The causes of this phenomenon are numerous: excess weight, heat, heredity, but also smoking or alcohol abuse; As well as symptoms, which can vary from person to person: swelling, tingling, pain or the appearance of varicose veins.


Here are 10 easy reflexes to adopt every day to get legs of the ‘featherweight category’:


1) Take a cold shower: start with the toes and gently lift up the legs. The ideal is to do it several times in a row. This will not only wake you up … but also promote blood circulation! If necessary, repeat the operation at night to relieve yourself.


2) Flee the heat. Good bye hot baths (yes, I know, damage …), but also extended sun exposure, saunas, hammams or even jacuzzies.


3) Forget about tight clothing such as tight jeans and boots.


4) Move. Yes, the best restraint is muscle! So, do not sit all day and do not cross your legs too long. Avoid traumatic sports for legs such as running or tennis. Throw yourself to the water with swimming or aqua biking, which combine a cool temperature and a massage, caused by the pressure of water on your legs.

Are you afraid of water? Walk! The ideal if you can: walk barefoot on the sand or in the sea, it stimulates the venous return! Small, discreet tip for the sedentary: bring a tennis ball to the office. Once seated, remove your shoes and roll the ball under your feet …


5) Sleep the feet up. Do not slide anything directly under your feet or under the mattress because it is bad for your back. Choose shims of up to 10 centimetres and put them directly under the feet of the bed!


6) Drink! At least 1.5 to 2 litters of water per day. You can also drink iced tea, herbal teas, lemonades … And for the aperitif, we limit alcohol!


7) Haro on salt! Avoid salty foods that promote water retention (such as cheese, crisps, snacks, cold cuts …).


8) Do yourself good! Clearly, massage yourself, from the ankles to the top of the thighs. Small exercise: elongated, legs in the air, lay your feet flat on the wall with the legs bent at right angles. Slip your toes higher and higher and finish with a massage.

If you wish, you can massage yourself with a cream or gel. Keep your tube in the refrigerator for a guaranteed ice cube effect!


9) Wear compression stockings. Nowadays, you will find varied models adapted to your problem. Some are both, light and discreet.


10) Bonus – Adopt food supplements. There are also various products. Our little darling? Circulation by Beautysané. It combines the vein tonic properties of little holly, citrus bark and vitamin C to strengthen your blood vessels. You will see, it will make you a beautiful leg!