Buddha Bowl will make your taste buds crazy!

Yes, culinary trends come and go and are very different. Not necessarily all of them are interesting, this is why Beautysané presents you one which deserves the mouthful: Buddha Bowl!
The principle?
Prepared in a bowl, this dish is a real “all in one” which makes it to a full meal. Yes, a mixture of raw or cooked vegetables, leguminous plants and grains, this dish will be an extraordinary experience for the senses, helping you get your fill of vitamins, fiber and energy! The other advantage of the bowl is that you control the quantities … and therefore the calorie intake! Convenient, isn’t it? 🙂 There is no general recipe, it is up to you to understand the great basic principles and to accommodate them to your desires and according to the contents of your fridge! Beautysané presents you the list of essentials for a perfect Buddha Bowl.
Fill it up with proteins
In terms of quantity, protein should represent about a third of your bowl. As for the rest, the only limit is your imagination! The ideal would be to combine whole grains with legumes, here are some examples: semolina + chickpeas, rice + red beans, pasta + beans, quinoa + lentils, split + peas… Vegetarians can also think of tofu or seitan, carnivores can use eggs, fish or meat.
Fill it up with vitamins
Have a heavy hand on the vegetables, they should occupy the remaining two thirds of the bowl. The ideal would be to alternate in order to avoid monotony and to stimulate your taste buds with varied textures and stock it up on vitamins and minerals. You can mix cooked / raw vegetables and leafy vegetables (chard, spinach, lettuce, purslane …). Anything goes: hot, cold, raw, cooked, diced, sliced or julienned!
Make it crunchy
You can choose between almonds, walnuts, cashews, sesame seeds, pumpkin, or pine nuts.
Make it spicy
Now you just have to season your mixture. Do not forget the spices to the delight of your taste buds. You could season your Buddha bowl with canola or olive oil, vinegar, mustard, or yogurt with lemon juice. Finish by adding some chopped herbs.
Now you know everything. Just try it out and enjoy! Have a good meal!