A picnic? Yes, but balanced!

With this beautiful weather, the least square of grass makes us want to lie down and have picnic there! Plus, it’s so convenient! At the edge of a lake, a pond, at the sea, in the mountains, in the forest, or even in the countryside, a picnic adapts to all situations. Yes, but it’s so easy to eat chips and different chocolate bars. With a few tricks and a little bit of organization you can have a greedy, friendly and balanced time! Beautysané gives you some practical tips.



Like the 5 fingers of a hand:

Who says food balance, says one food from each major food group:

–starchy foods: bread (preferably wholemeal and/or grain), pasta, rice, wheat, quinoa …

– proteins: meat, fish, eggs, but also legumes (chickpeas, red beans, beans, lentils …), or cheese.

– fruits and vegetables: in season, it is even better. For the playful and practical side, think of cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks or carrots, or skewers. You can also prepare smoothies or gazpachos.

– dairy products: cheese, yoghurt, …

– fat: yes, our body needs fat to function properly. We therefore authorise the butter in the sandwich and / or the oil (rapeseed, walnut or linseed) in the salad. But in moderation!


In practice:

With these tips, you can easily make balanced sandwiches (grain bread, green salad, smoked salmon, fresh cheese, lemon or wholemeal bread, Grisons meat, arugula, tomatoes and fresh goat cheese …)

Don’t forget mixed salads which are often very successful. Think of cereals and legumes (semolina + chickpeas, rice + red beans, pasta + beans, quinoa + lentils, wheat + split peas …) and add the vegetables (and / or fruits) of your choice.

You can also take balanced salt cakes but also salty pies (take brick leaves, much less calories!). They are both simple and practical to enjoy. They are accompanied with fruits and vegetables cut into pieces.


If you want a little extra (biscuit, cake, madeleine), you take the time to make them at home to limit the caloric intake (just reduce the amount of sugar and butter). You will find light recipes on the site montraiteurbienetre.

Of course, you do not forget to take a drink. We prefer water but we can take away iced teas or light sodas. To stay motivated, we remember that sugary drinks attract bugs! yuck

Now you know everything. Enjoy you picnic!