30 minutes of physical activity per day: how to do it?

You are always tired by the intensive rhythm of your life and you do not see how to insert 30 minutes of activity per day in your diary?

Or you have not done any physical activity for many years and, you do not know where and how to start …?


There are always solutions!

Any physical activity, even moderate, is good for your health. If you cannot get 30 minutes a day or if you do not feel comfortable, do not be discouraged. Doing a little is better than nothing at all!

Start gently, 5 to 10 minutes per day for example and gradually increase the duration to reach the recommended 30 minutes.

Start with what you consider to be the simplest: you do not have to walk 5 storeys a day! Start with one, then two.

Walk with motivated friends or family, you will support each other.


There is more than just walking!

When we talk about 30 minutes of physical activity per day, it’s not necessarily walking! The advantage is that everything counts! Gardening, handiwork, housework … all these activities go into the “30 minutes a day” count.

So, if you like to tinker or to do gardening in the open air, do not hesitate anymore! It is just as positive for health as a 30 minutes’ walk. On condition of not doing these activities sitting on a chair …

Do activities that really appeal to you. Thus, they will be part of your daily life and you will want to do them regularly!


Want to go further?

That’s it, you caught the virus? So, enjoy yourself with sports such as cycling, swimming, dancing! They are more intense and will allow you to gain muscle mass and refine your silhouette!

And to hydrate you well, think of the Sport Effort drink, by Beautysane!


So, when do you start?